Bind Token.
Bind token is the foundation of the Bind ecosystem; encouraging participation, creating financial incentives & enhancing the Bind experience.
Use Cases.
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Merchant Token Utilities.
Bind merchants will reduce the fees they pay across the Bind platform by staking the Bind token themselves.
By staking the Bind token themselves Bind merchants will increase their status on the Bind platform which will enlist them onto the Bind VIP programme.
Through Bind's staking mechanism merchants get paid from every transaction. Forever.
Merchants will be able to create their own lucrative staking pools and incentivise consumers to stake their Bind tokens to receive rewards.
Consumer Token Utilities.
Token stakers will receive tiered benefits throughout the Bind platform including reduced fees across the Bind products, increased limits, higher reward payouts and more.
Consumers and merchants who buy monthly volumes of the Bind token will receive an array of benefits and rewards for doing so, with the top tier including a feeless journey on the platform and no limit crypto debit and credit cards.
Through the Bind staking mechanism Bind card holders will earn dividends forever from every purchase.
Our affiliates who drive users and traffic to the Bind ecosystem will receive greater payouts and benefits on a tiered basis by staking the Bind token.
The Bind network was built for the token holders and as such it will be governed by the token holders. Owners and stakers of the Bind token will have voting powers on the Bind network and will be able to have an input on feature updates, concepts, marketing ideas and more.
Bind token holders will be able to unlock tiered levels of Bind debit cards as they rise through the ranks on the platform. With each tier, they will unlock new debit card types with new benefits.
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